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The Club wants to make its facilities available to our members (members will be acting as the representative of the club) in line with Government and ECB Guidelines and we will be allowing the booking of one net on the Astroturf nets from 23rd May 2020, 7 Days a week 10am-8pm. Bookings will be for 45 minutes to allow for safe changeovers, starting at 5 past the hour.  The Pavilion is and will remain closed to all to ensure the safety of all.

Net booking is only open to paid up members of the cricket club.

You must book the nets via our website otherwise we cannot contact trace. A password is required and will only be provided when membership is paid. Without a member present at the nets we are not in compliance with the guidance. As per the previous communication (, the club are only charging £30 per person for membership.

Please Note: No casual use, otherwise we will be forced to close.

Following these simple rules and the nets policy we can all get some cricket practice in. The Club reserves the right to exclude individuals for breaches of the rules and/or suspend use if Government Advice changes. Anyone found not following the rules will be prevented from using the facility for 7 days.


For the safety of all members the club has agreed the following safety procedures for the use of the nets. The club reserves the right to change these.

  • Nets used for BOOKED practices sessions by Members. Initially to manage demand only one session booking allowed per 48 hours
  • A net may only be booked and used by:
    • Any number of members from the same household
    • Two adult members from different households who follow social distancing rules
    • Junior members (under the age of 18) should be supervised by an adult from their household. Members, under the age of 18, using the net facility are the responsibility of their parents/guardians/carers.
  • Sorry but no unsupervised juniors are allowed to use the nets. Juniors from different households are not allowed to net together.

Please follow the following guidelines to enable us to keep the facilities safe and open. There are no exceptions as one lapse could have untold consequences. We are opening the facility

Before Arrival

  1. Wash hands at home before (and after) using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own cleaning equipment and hand sanitiser (where possible)
  2. Please bring your own drinks and sun protection and make sure you use the toilet before you leave home!
  3. Please use common sense in inclement weather, as it’s not safe or appropriate to practice.
  4. Check for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with current Government guidance, if you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government guidance.
  5. Avoid public transport if at all possible.


  1. Park in the outer car park, ensuring you allow the maximum space between vehicles.
  2. Before you enter the ground through the pedestrian gate, wipe/sanitise your hands and please take and dispose of any rubbish at home.
  3. Go to where the roller is kept and obtain equipment and clean equipment including stumps before use.


  1. All sessions must end at 10 to the hour to allow appropriate changeover procedures. Wait for the previous users to exit whilst maintaining appropriate distance.


  1. Return equipment to where the roller is kept and clean equipment including stumps before leaving.
  2. Sanitise your hands once you have opened the gate and please take and dispose of any rubbish at home.
  3. Leave the facility and avoid gathering with other people.


  1. Bowling Machines are not to be used at this time.
  2. You must clean balls before use and use your own Balls, sharing is not permitted.
  3. A First Aid kit will be next to the roller for use as required. Please contact if it is use
  4. Please maintain social distancing from other users when retrieving balls. Batters returning balls / touching stumps should keep their gloves on to do so
  5. Any equipment, including kit bags to be stored away from the net.
  6. Please ensure that your kit bags are stored at least 3m from anyone else using the nets and not on the artificial surface
  7. All players using the practice net must behave in a proper and correct manner.
  8. Suitable footwear must be worn i.e. rubber-soled (non-marking) cricket shoes or trainers. No spikes, no smooth soles, no non-sport shoes.
  9. All Under 18s must bat in a helmet.
  10. Only proper leather cricket balls, bowling machine balls, tennis balls or purpose made “incrediballs” to be used in nets. No sweat or saliva should be rubbed on the ball.

Please follow the rules and we can all enjoy returning to cricket!

Keep safe and well
SMCC Committee

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