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Our man Matty in trouble? It would appear so, apparently he’s struggling to find anything to moan about – it can only mean it must be the closed season.

We all know rain is the number one enemy of all things cricket.. it prevents play, it stops play, it generally buggers up the game of cricket. Well, we have had an awful lot of it recently, as any devotee of BBC Points West will tell you.

It has ruined my garden as Sabs insists on still tearing around chasing balls or sticks, or Jack, and my lovely garden now resembles Glastonbury, after the festivities.

It keeps kyboshing (is that a real word?) Jack’s football matches as the football pitch is forever underwater and he is in a permanent sulk about it and with me as it is somehow my fault, and most importantly…

It has ‘helped’ us discover a leak in the shed roof!Anyway, all the more reason to daydream forward to a summer full of cricket.. the sound of leather on willow, Caroline laughing loudly, Harmer’s latest excusing for a low score, and the Keeper shouting at anyone he can find.

Let’s look forward to a summer full of enjoyable, winning cricket. We all realise this is a big year for SMCC what with our return to our rightful place in Div 1, the exciting investment in our practice facilities at the ground, and the always vital search for new players especially of the young variety.

As players we have a big responsibility this year to look after the health and success of the playing side of the club. Over the winter months we have witnessed huge efforts to fundraise for the club, and maintaining the club’s central role in Sherston life. It’s our turn again now. We need to turn up, turn out, play well, compete, enjoy it all, and most importantly enjoy each other’s company for another season of cricket.

Here’s to a memorable, DRY, 2014!

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