The gloves compartment… an invitation to rant by Matty Goodwin

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It was an honour of course when asked by Mr Lovell and Mr Kutchera whether I would be interested to contribute a regular column to the fantastic new Magna Magic publication. Truth be told it was probably just to avoid wasting Chris’ great pun the ‘The Gloves Compartment’… after all, why waste a great title just because of a lack of any actual content! Anyway, the idea crystallized once I was told I could use the column to vent my furies at pretty much whatever I liked, and perhaps in the process really cement my reputation as the grump or ‘Victor Meldrew’ if you wish of SMCC. (Editor – you know yourself so well Matty…) Anyone who has played with me (and sadly I must include my regular football friends in this as well) will
know the honour is accurately bestowed, and who knows if this is going to be a regular escape for any particular frustrations I may have we may find I quite quickly morph in to a thoroughly pleasant, chilled and agreeable team colleague on a sunny Saturday at Pinkney Park… hmm, maybe!

To kick off, and looking forward to the year ahead and the dubious privilege of running between the wickets with Senor Lovell, I thought I would whinge about the ‘Yes, No… Sorry’ culture that is invading all aspects of my life and really starting to ruin it in the process.

You see, the day job is recruitment and it relies upon me selling people to other people, and it would be really straightforward if only the commodities involved would do what they are told and go where they are supposed to.

In the last two weeks, I have had two candidates accept jobs, potentially earning me commissions in the process, only to change their mind when they realised moving jobs might actually involve moving jobs with all the anxiety that comes with that particular little patch of territory. I have had two lovely emails explaining the whole ‘Yes, No… Sorry’ process and how it all unfolded for them.

I am also dating at the moment. (Editor – with no mention of an average I knew he was going to make something up) To keep this
first article thoroughly clean (just in case there might be demand for a second instalment) (Editor – I doubt it!) let’s just say I seem to be attracting lovely ladies but for whom mixed messages is a martial art. I fear more Sorry’s to come!

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people said what they thought and then did what they said? Thinking about it maybe my life overall is better prepared for another enjoyable year of SMCC cricket than I really realised.

After all, I can already hear the sound of our opening bowlers telling me in no uncertain terms how I needn’t worry and they are going to concentrate and bowl consistently just outside off stump!

I’ll believe it when I see it fellas.


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