Stan seeing Stars for Charity

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A Saturday night in September saw the culmination of six months hard work for our very own Will “Stan” Mathews.

During those six months he had trained at least five days a week, two of which were evenings in a boxing gym in Lambeth, and two 6.00am sessions with a personal trainer. It is understood that some of the Magna Magic team saw him running past the Rattlebone one Saturday afternoon who incidentally were enjoying some light refreshments after another harrowing editorial meeting.

Will had to lose more than 3 stone to reach his fighting weight which at the beginning of the programme he admitted would be quite a struggle!

Will took to the ring in front of 1,000 people baying for blood at The Boodles Boxing Ball. Before the event he insisted that the chances of utter humiliation by hitting the canvas after 10 seconds where high.

Did Stan hit canvass in 10 seconds flat? Well go online and see for yourselves!

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