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Fines Fines Fines

Although things have been going very well in the Saturday league side there have also been some transgressions forwhich the offending players are being fined.The chairman of the fines committee (some say it is a one mandictatorship) felt that some of these incidents are so serious that a fine
was insufficient and a bit of public humiliation was necessary so below is a list of the top three crimes.

• James Kutchera – Turning up to a game with no club shirt so having to bat and field in a PINK shirt (see incriminating picture above)
• Ewen Kenny – Lending an opponent his bat only for it to be used to hit one of the biggest sixes that Pinkney Park has ever seen
• Dan Pritchett – “polishing” the ballwith so much sunscreen that it was impossible for the bowler to hold.

If you would like to see the full list just email us at

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