Magna winning streak comes to an end

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After a fantastic unbeaten start to the season, confidence and energy was high for the Magna. Saturdays really couldn’t come around fast enough. But unfortunately, this weekend, against one of the stronger sides in the league, we could only muster 6 players by Thursday. With the captain’s WhatsApp plea, we dusted down the little black books (contact list on your iPhone for the younger generation) and hit up our contacts and managed to get together an eleven for a top of the table clash.

Arriving at Hinton Charterhouse on what was a lovely day, JK was back to form as he lost the toss when we really needed to win it, having only 9 players for the first 23 overs.

Peggy and Archie took the new ball and produced a fast opening spell, but unfortunately, when edges were found, the batsmen found the large spaces on what was a very fast out field. Peggy did get some reward bowling Borton with an excellent delivery.

Taking 10 overs to work out that pace was needed to be taken off the ball, this brought a good spell from the skipper and Steady, slowing their run rate down with some good accurate slower bowling. A superb caught and bowled by JK, left the batsmen stood there in absolute disbelief. Nothing was to get past JK that day, he was like a wall that Donald Trump would be proud of.

Dalrymple was going along nicely for Hinton with some useful partnerships with the middle order, but it was then the turn of Pegg 2 to bowl, Laura dragging herself off the medical table to produce an excellent spell of bowling to claim 2 wickets and slow Hinton down.

Hinton set Sherston 230, a reasonable target on a lovely batting pitch with a fast outfield.

In reply Sherston’s batting never got going. DFP was out for a duck. Bruce came and went in quick fashion and an injured Archie was soon following him back to the pavilion. Steady and Kutchera slowed the flow of wickets down for our biggest partnership of the day but by now it felt as if the game had gone. There were however some notable efforts with the bat by the lower order. Tom got a quick 11 and with Ian Shanahan batting sensibly, he never looked in trouble until he was paired up to do some running between the wickets with a more athletic Will Roberts.

With Will Taylor last man standing and no one to perform heroics with, Sherston were bowled out for 108.

A big thank you to Ian, Andy, Tom and Will for helping us get to 11, they brought good energy and fun to the team.

Roll onto Saturday…

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Player of the Season votes
Laura Pegg – 3pts
JK – 2pts
Andy Pegg – 1pt

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